I'm Susan Chauvet, a Chicagoan who has been making art for a long time. I work in series of 5 or 50 or more, depending on how enthused I get about a particular process. At this point in time I am working on my small frame series #5, which numbers 526. The small frame series is being shown here. This site is currently being updated. I am constantly adding frames and taking them off as they are sold so this site is always in a state of transition. I post pictures of the frames as I make them on Facebook so friend me and you can see the whole collection. Suzi Chauvet is my name there.

 I am pleased to announce that my frames can now be purchased at Kimberly Ann Home Decorating Boutique at 67 S. Main St., Owsego, Illinois. This is a gorgeous place, chock full of beautiful and interesting items for your home.

 If you are interested in purchasing a frame you can email me at smzc23@gmail.com.

"the first mistake of art is to assume that it's serious."

—Lester Bangs